Hohe Wand - Evening and Night (Perseids) 12.8.2023

Up on Hohe Wand, for sunset and for looking at the falling stars of the Perseids.

I drive up to the Waldeggerhaus, where a beautiful sunset can be seen during summer.

Schneeberg is completely in the shadow and only seen in its contour.

A bit later ...

Ötscher (to thew left in the distance), 61 km airline afar.

Ötscher in evening light.

A few clouds appear to the west.


I have walked a bit the path heading for the Große Kanzel, to a place with a free view to Northeast, where the falling stars are predicted to appear.

Regrettably, this is the direction to the city of Vienna, which causes a significant "light pollution". Still it is too light to see falling stars.


Furthermore, the airport is to this direction. Most of the "stripes" on my pictures are from aeroplanes. Simple identification is the "pearl chain" of light dots - from the blinking position lights.

Is this a faloing star far up? I´m not sure, ...

 ... but this by sure is one, left far up near the edge of the picture, as I have seen it falling.

This to the right, near the tree, was another one, which I believe to remember.

After 2 hours of waiting I turn back home shortly before midnight. This was´t the great show, but I can remember a few not caught in picture, because they appeard too high up in the sky or at the time the camera was storing the picture, which takes nearly the same time as the 30 seconds of exposure time.