Hohe Wand 17.12.2020

Dense hig fog and sun on the summits. With Bella and Lucy I drive up Hohe Wand in the morning.

View from Kleine Kanzel to Schneeberg ...

 ... and with the whole Panorama. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

On the way to the Wanddörfel a wonderful view to the Leitergraben ("ladder valley").


Leitergraben. Neue Welt, Fischau mountains and Rosalia are completely swallowed up by the mist.

"Changing the side"  at the Wanddörfel, to the opposite side of Hohe Wand. lookong for the "Wandwiese" as depicted in the map, I walk a gravel road aling the "backside", the Miesenbach side of Hohe Wand ...

 ... with nice view over the cloud-covered Miesenbach valley, to the view tower and to the Kleine Kanzel inn, where I started my walk.

Regrettably, the "Wandwiese" ("Wall meadow") is completely fenced by a 7 feet high fence, topped with two barbed wires - no passage. Looking for a free view to the south to Schneeberg, I walk along the fence. This picture was made through the grid ...

 ... as well as this one. I bet this is the most wonderful view place on Hohe Wand - but you must not enter.

On the southern end of the fencing there is a clearing, with the long desired view to Schneeberg. Once more, the picture only can be taken through the grid of a second fencing, surrounding the free area on both sides and bending down the slope to the left near the free standing trees int he background ...

 ... Also this picture was made through the grid.

Panoramic view from the southwestern end of Hohe Wand, with the view to the Plackles (far left with the transponder), to the Geländ popping out of the mist and to Schneeberg. The Wechsel region beneath the sun. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

On the way back - first along the rest of the fencing to complete the round walk, then the gravel road to the Wanddörfel - I do a short detour up to the "Kleine Plackles", with a narrow, but asphalted(!) dead end road leads up. Another view to Schneeberg and Dürre Wand from one of the houses.

I have to interrupt the drive back between the branching Waldeggerhaus and branching to Postl, to admire the scenic forest at the upper end of the mist.