Hohe Wand 9.11.2020

Once more mist over Winzendorf. I start my drive to the Neue Welt, but near Gaaden, I can see, that the base of the mist is rather high. The plan to walk from Dreistetten to the Herrgottschnitzerhaus would be all within the mist and therefore is abandoned within seconds, I branch off after the Teichühle and drive up the Hohe Wand road.

Even near the Postl inn and the skywalk there is still some mist, ...

 ... but nearly out here.

So, I continue driving more up to the braching of the road to the Waldeggerhaus and start my walk there into the sunshine ...

 ... and when I leave the forest to the usual stunning view to the Gutenstein Alps and Schneeberg.


A few minutes´ walk behind the Waldegger house I once more pay a visit to the steep grassland. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Fruits still hanging on this rowan tree. All these trees are full with fruits this year.

I walk a bit further, on the route to the Große Klause. Here, on a clear felling, ...

  ... the view goes to the North, above the vienna basin. On a clear day, you even could see the city of Vienna from here. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Not today - you only see the sea of clouds, ...

 ... which don´t seem to look interesting for Bella and Lucy. 

Back at the Waldeggerhaus, and I start my descent to the car.