Hohe Wand 22.1.2020

Once more dense mist covering Winzendorf, and Hohe Wand lokt mit Sonnenschein.

Today, I drive to the Kleine Kanzel, for a walk to Eicherthütte (Große Kanzel).  


View over the southern Steinfeld to the Wechsel region and the Bucklige Welt.  

On the opposite side ... 

 ... Unterberg can be seen between the trees. 

Große Kanzel, with the prominent cross and the wonderful view to Schneeberg.

View over the sea of clouds to the Wechsel, the prominent "hill" in front is the Gösing.

View in eastern direction over the Steinfeld.


Panoramic view from the Große Kanzel, over the sea of mist, from the Rosalia mountains to Schneeberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Lucy and Bella have to wait, tied to a tree due to the high rock escarpments.

From the cross, thge view goes back, in the distance, just a bit out of the couds, the Rosalia mountains.



Luy and Bella awaiting me.

Wilhelm Eichert hut. Sadly, I have no time for a short dink, becaue I have to work in the afternoon.

Information plate near the Eichert hut, about geology and formation history of Hohe Wand.

A last view to the far.

On the way back ...

 ... I have a little zoom to the Bucklige Welt.

At the drive down, the mist is goint to lift, and all of a sudden the rock walls are exposed to the sun.

Panoramic picture, from the uppermost hairpin bend. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The highest summits of the Fischau mountains are even out now.

A few minutes later, all of a sudden, the mist has disappeared.

Only a few remains, and the view now widens down to the foot of the escarpents, ...

 ... where I have a short stop afterwards.