Hohe Wand 15.1.2020

Dense mist covers Winzendorf. Hohe Wand is free as to the Schneeberg webcam. So, I drive up to Stollhof and the road up HoheWand.

The mist is reaching up rather high, even up to the junktion on the beginning of the plateau.Wonderful hoarfrost everywhere though.

A few metres higher, the sky is clear, and no more hoarfrost, the Skywalk, with its vew down to the sea of clouds.

View to the Wechsel region.

The dogs are feeling cold - I didn´t expect it being so cold above the clouds: -4 °C.

I walk a short leg along the escarpment. - with the dogs on the lead, of course.

A short detour to the Waldeggerhaus, with its fine view to the west - Schneeberg, ...

 ... Dürre Wand  ...

 ... and Ötscher, 61 km air-line. 


Ötscher, with ...

 ... Unterberg to its right. 

I drive to the Herrgottschnitzerhaus, down to the fog line.

Trees with hoarfrost, in the sun, ...

 ... and still mist. 

The Herrgottschnitzerhaus was disfigured by a balcony in recent time.

I walk a bit through the forest, along the "Old Hohe Wand road", a narrow gravel road down to Dreistetten.

Back after an hour, and the mist ...

 ... is drawing back ...

 ... exposing the whole mountain slope to the sun.

Dreistetten gets visible.

View form the drive back at the Kohlröserlhaus - now even doen to the foothills of the Hohe Wand and the "Neue Welt" ...

 ... and to the rehabilitation centre Felbring. The mist is dissolving in the valley too.

View down to the village of Stollhof and the foot of Hohe Wand. 

The hoarfrost of my first picture now glistening in full sunshine.

Last remains of snow cornices on this path. 

Hoarfrosted fence. 

Still a few remains of the mist. 

Here, mist stayed only half an hour ago.

On the drive down, I had to stop at the hairpin bend to appreciate this view - hoarfrost on all the trees. 

At the foot of Hohe Wand, at the big curve, behind the carpark. Panoramic picture of Hohe Wand, put together from several high-format pictures.

View along the foot of the mountain.

The big bend at the road.

This flew-wing braves the cold.

No sailing today due to lack of thermic winds - "gliding down" as they say.