Hohe Wand 25.1.2018

Once again we´ve got mist covering the huge Vienna´s plain, with sun on the mountain summits. Not much time this morning, but enough for a short drive up Hohe Wand with a gentle stroll near the Skywalk.

Shortly above the tollgate the mist clears.

Near the carpark at the big bend at the wall´s foot.

Sunny view from this bench along the road.

My first goal is the Waldegger house, to enjoy ...

... the view to Schneeberg.

Perfect view to the Ötscher in about 61 km air-line.

In the centre, to the right of the Kuhschneeberg - is the Obersberg (I think).

Zooming in on Schneeberg. Still high danger of avalanches in the large scree called Breite Ries.

Stil a bit of mist in Miesenbach.

Back and branched off to the Postl inn. Here you get the view ...

 ... above the sea of clouds covering the Vienna´s plain. Click here or into the image for a larger display.

I walk a small leg ...


 ... to the Skywalk.

View down from the Skywalk to the road at the area where I took the first picture ...

 ... and along the escarpments to the Wechsel mountains. Only Kienberg and Zweiberg from the Fischau mountains are peering out of the sea of clouds.

I walk a bit along the escarpment and enjoy the view down.

Kienberg and Zweiberg, behind to the left are the Rosalia mountains.

Vienna´s plain and the city of Vienna are covered by the closed blanket of clouds.

Huge rocky escarpments of the Hohe Wand ("High Wall").

After repeated warm periods, first catkins of the hazels are out.

A steep view dow here ...

Back at the Skywalk.

Driving from Wiener Neustadt home to Winzendorf in the afternoon, I see the sun shining a bit through the mist. To catch this msytic mood, I fetch the camera from home and restart for a short lookout.


Mist covering Weikersdorf.

Mystic air with the mist.

Much fallout recently.

View to Saubersdorf.

Puddles in the fields.

This row of trees delimits Frauen beck, where I frequently walk Lucy.

Felix Rodler´s geese feel good here ...

 ... on the wet grassland along the Frauen beck.

26.1.2018: A trip to Kirchberg at noon, and a walk in damp conditions with my friend. For the drive back, I opt for the Rams saddle, Penk and Neunkirchen and are rewarded with this wonderful view shortly after the saddle, in Friedersdorf.

This is the view to the Feistritz saddle and the Wechsel as well as to the Großer Otter (far right).

Schneeberg - this time seen from the opposite direction.

Panoramic view from Friedersdorf over the mist to the Wechsel, Großer Otter, Rax and Schneeberg. Click here or into the image for a larger display.