Hohe Wand 10.12.2016

Marlene´s age group in school is visited by a group of exchange students from france. On e of them is accomodated with us. So we have to organize a bit of sightseeing in our area. The weather is sunny and mild, so we join the other parents accomodating youngsters in a trip up on Hohe Wand.

Encountering a huge tractor in the steepest part of the road means we have to wait a minute or so, which is used for two speedy shots.

A short round walk at the zoo.

View over the "Steinfeld" till Neusiedler See and Seewinkel behind, at the border to Hungary.

In the petting zoo.

Lucy is a good dog and stays outside the enclosures.

Lunch break at the Waldegger house. Schneeberg (2.075 m), ...

 ... and Ötscher (1.893 m), at a distance of 62 km air-line, can clearly be seen.

Schneeberg - with only small amounts of snow.

After the excellent lunch in the Waldeggerhaus, Ötscher has a cloud head now.


Our last attraction is the Skywalk.

In the meantime, the "golden hour" has begun.

Panorama of the "Neue Welt", as seen from Skywalk. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

Wiener Neustadt


Fischau mountains, Lake Neusiedl on the horizon.

Zweiersdorf and the Wechsel region in the background, the rounded summit in between is the Gösing.

The quarry of Müllendorf. To the left behind the Leitha mountains, you see the numerous wind turbines of the "Parndorfer Platte" and the "Seewinkel".

Wiener Neustadt, Theresienfeld and lake Neusiedl in the distance..

In this direction, the view goes to Hainburg and the small carpate mountains in Slowakia.

Zoom to the slowakian hills behind Bratislawa.

We walk back to the car, I make a short detour. "Neue Welt".

Evening light on Hohe Wand.

Maiersdorf and Zweiersdorf

Stollhof, behind the Prosset gorge, parts of Winzendorf and Weikersdorf can be seen.