Hohe Wand 4.11.2015

Mist is covering Winzendorf, and I have some 2 1/2 hours spare time. So a quick start up the Hohe Wand into the sun.

I have to stop at one of the hairpin bends in the steep area to enjoy the view.

Muthmannsdorf still in the mist, the summits of the Fischau mountains out already.

I start my walk down the valley called "Saugraben" ascend to the Waldeggerhaus and cross the Hohe Wand plateau till the Postl inn. The along the edge of the escarpment till the Almfrieden and back to the car along the tarmac road.

Clearing in the forest

Shortly before the Waldeggerhaus a first view down the Northestern slope.

Panoramic view from near the Waldeggerhaus. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The Waldegger house. It is so warm that you can sit outside in this wind protected area.

On the front side at the parking area a good view to Schneeberg

"Lange Wiese" ("long grassland") between Jagasitz and Postl.

Panoramic view with the Skywalk. The mist has drawn back from the valley called "Neue Welt" ("New World") to the Steinfeld. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A flex-wing passes by.

There is no thermal lift today, so ...

 ... he is quite a bit deeper after a few seconds.

The mist reaches up to the Prosset gorge. 45 minutes later, at home in Winzendorf, the sun is out there at last.

Along the escarpment ...


 ... to the Almfrieden inn.

Finally along the road to the car.