Dreistetten - Hohe Wand 15.10.2013

I get up at 6:30 with the kids who have to go to school. Looking out of the window: Mist. Looking on the Schneeberg webcam: misty up to the Waldeggerhaus, Puchberg outside the mist, but there is a second, high layer of clouds. As it was late yesterday, I return to bed. At 9 a.m., it is totally different: bright sunshine. I have to drive to Dreistetten for another reason, so I start from there using the Drobilsteig to Herrgottschnitzerhaus, further on along the road to Kohlröserlhaus, backl the forest path and the "normal route" back down.

Shortly after the start a good view to the ruin Starhemberg.

Escarpments near the Einhornhöhle.

Zooming in on the ruin Starhemberg.

This is the branch off to Frankenhof, I turn to the right.

View back to Dreistetten

My next goal: the Northeastern end of Hohe Wand at the Herrgottschnitzerhaus.

A clearing in the forest ...

 ... and the same tree from the opposite side.

The Drobilsteig leads through a narrow rock gully and is secured by ladders and ropes.Its upper end equals the egress to the plateau.

A pine on the dge of the plateau.

View from Herrgottschnitzerhaus to Dreistetten, to the left in the valley is Piesting.

Muthmannsdorf, with the rehabilitation centre Felbring.

Panoramic view from the Herrgottschnitzerhaus. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Now I walk the plateau along the tarmac road.

Meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale) still (or once more?) flourishing here.

Dog rosees with the hips in large amounts up here.

The escarpment near the Kohlröserlhaus.

Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden

Panoramic view from Hohe Wand near Kohlröserlhaus. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Downview to the Felsensteig, which I do not enter today.

Downview to Felbring and Muthmannsdorf

Piesting and Dreistetten.

Descent through the forest..

On the way down, a short view into the Piesting dale.


Ruin Starhemberg, with Hernstein in behind (The Piesting valley in between!)

This horse was attracted when I talked to it, but I don´t have something to eat. I don´t know horse races, but  Florian Adensamer reckons this to be a "Noriker" (dont find the English version of this name) ...

 ... whereas his opinion to this is a Quater Horse.

It follows me a short distance along the electric fence.

Panoramic view from a bit above Dreistetten to Hohe Wand, ruin Starhemberg and Dreistetten. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..