Hohe Wand 28.2.2013

Today is Tuesday. Last weekend, we got about 30 cm of new snow down in Winzendorf, Sunday afternoon the snowing changed to rain, continuing til Monday, with cloudy weather afterwards. At least some sun this morning, so I want to have a look at the snow on Hohe Wand. The road ist perfectly cleaned, with only spots of snow surface, now problem with winter tyres.

At first, I drive till the first branching of the road on the plateau and consider a snow shoe walk a bit down and then up to the Waldeggerhaus, where I have never walked before. After about 10 minutes, however, I get a glimpse upwards seeing that the trees higher up are covered with lots of snow. So I turn back, because the time to the Waldegger house is depicted with 1 1/2 hours, which would mean at least 2 hours in snowy conditions, I don´t have time enough for this.

Driving a bit more up to the perfectly cleaned parking space at the zoo turned out as an excellent idea. Totally different scenery up here.

The trees not only are covered by snow, but also ...

 ... by hoarfrost - after recent high fog in this area.

Parts of the routes are cleaned from the snow, ...

 ... but soon I branch off with my snow shoes into the deep snow.

The glade depicted as "sunbathing area" ("Liegewiese") - sunken deeply into the snow ...

 ... as well as everything up here.


I start to walk up this steep forest aisle. Nearly permanently snow is falling from the trees. I have to take care of my camera.

From this perspektive you don´t see how ...

 ... strenuous the way up in fact is, even with snow shoes. You are sinking down 10 or 20 cm anyway, and steep up this gets even more.

Uphill is a cleaned path.

On a clearing ...


 ... where the wooden view tower has been, which has been removed because it was rotten and therefore dangerous.

Here you can see the height of the snow ...

 ... and the shallow traces of the snow shoes.


Continuing through deeply snown forest.

A bit off path once more.


Permanently snow is falling from the trees ...


 ...                                                                                                 at times in greater amounts like little avalanches.

View back.

Now I leave the forest to a popular sledging ground leading up to the Kleine Kanzel inn.

In a fenced area  ...

 ... fellow deer is kept here.

View back over the little forested bump I just before have expolored.

Arrived at the Kleine Kanzel I get a wonderful view to ...

 ... Schneeberg.

Panoramic view from Kleine Kanzel to Schneeberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg in ...

maximal Zoom. An avalanche has gone down the large scree called "Breite Ries".

Rests of the recent bad weather and rests of high fog.

I continue for about 10 minutes heading for Eicherthütte.

This is the ridge area of Hohe Wand with high snow cornices.

Some years ago, you could see Schneeberg behind the tree tops. Now, the trees have grown so much that you donts see anything.

However a small glimpse down to the valley of Miesenbach.

Snow covered plate.

Good that I have my poles - taking this step would not be easy without.

Last view to Schneeberg, then I walk back to the car.

On the drive back home, the foothills of Hohe Wand are already clear of snow in sunny places.

Now view of Schneeberg from the Teichmühle today - much too hazy.