Hohe Wand 22.11.2012

Regrettably, I don´t have so much time this morning, but if you only need a 15 minutes drive up to the Hochkogelhaus, 2 1/2 hours are enough for a short walk to the Hubertushaus and a little bit farther, but too less to walk to Eicherthütte. Dense mist over Winzendorf, and the Webcamera has shown me a second layer of clouds far above. Anyway, I have to go out a least ...

Today´s route

View from the road up Hohe Wand to Rosalia and Wechsel. Kienberg pokes out of the mist like an island.

Near the Hochkogelhaus. The power supply for the houses on the Hohen Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A few minutes walk after the Hochkogelhaus, a broad and deep valley called Leitergraben has to be crossed, about 100 m deep, to continue the walk over the plateau on the other side. This sums up to about 300 m descent and ascent for today.

Here the descent begins.


Nearly done - view back from the other side.

The clouds around Kienberg and Zweiberg are lifting a bit ...Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Shortly before Hubertushaus.

The Hubertushaus - I don´t know about it being open or not - no time for a stop today.

Panoramic view from Hubertushaus down to Höflein and Willendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The Wechsel massive in the background.

Semmering region with the pointed Sonnwendstein in the centre of the picture, far right down the first houses of Grünbach.

Grünbach and a short view to Schneeberg. Near these tors, the ferrata called Wildenauersteig ends (see below)

Panoramic view from the western Hohe Wand in direction Höflein. Far right is Grünbach. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Höflein. At the edge of the inversion clouds, spot the pilgramage church of Kirchbüchl (Höflein)!

The tail of the ferrata called Wildenauersteig ...

The plate says: "Wildenauersteig - ferrata. Extremely difficult and exposed. Use of a climbing rope is recommended" (in fact, in guidebooks as well in the link shown above, this route is classified as "D" on the difficulty scale of ferratas ranging from A - easy to D - difficult. More pictures from within the route are shown at the link). Probably the most difficult ferrata of the Hohe Wand.

The summit of Schneeberg is wrapped in clouds today. Continuing to the Eicherthütte would not improve the views. So, here I turn back to be home in time.

Rocks, trees and a yawning abyss - a 100 m high vertical wall.

Hoeflein beneath a gap in the clouds

A young capricorn has no problem with the escarpment.

For many years, there has been a capricorn enclosure on the Hohe Wand. A few years ago, the snow was so high, that capricorns escaped over the fence to their freedom. At first, the hunters thought they would not survive, but the hunters were wrong. The surrounding is ideal for capricorns (as well as for chamois), and their number increased rapidly. This year, after a long public discussion and despite public protests, for control of the population and to protect the environment against their activity, a few of them already were permitted to shooting.

It doesn´t seem to be shy - or it knows that I would not be able to come closer.

Back through the Leitergraben - the sun is coming out a bit.

Viewing back over the Leitergraben from the end of the reascent.

This place near the Hochkogelhaus is named "Neue Welt Blick" ("Neue Welt view"), because you can look down very well from here to the flat valley at the foothills of Hohe Wand called "Neue Welt" - provided the view is not inhibited by fog, like today. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Kienberg  now wrapped in clouds.