Hohe Wand 18.10.2012

Yesterday in the evening, mist was drawing in, and has settled in (also the whole week to come, btw). Above the mist it is bright, so I drive up to Hohe Wand.

At the parkin place at the big curve of the road still some mist, but there is a first glimpse of  the sun.

I walk up from here the route called Völlerin leading me to the Skywalk near the Postl Inn.

After about 100 m ascent, I can look over the mist, ...

 ... at least most of the time.

A way through the rocks.

I did not know that this passage is regisatered as a cave, at least as a "half cave" A few days ago, I got an E-mail from a local speleogist.

Here, the path security  is even luxurious ...

 ... prasie to the local way - maintainer from the Austrian Alpine club (ÖAV)!

But it is definitively dangerous here, as can be seen ...

Arrived near the Skywalk.

Panoramic view from the grassland near the Skywalk. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Here it would be nice to stay for a while, but I don´t have the time for that.

Now I´m walking along the edge of the escarpments heading for the Almfrieden Inn.

Near the Almfrieden Inn.

Somewhere under the mist there is the city of Vienna.

The Almfrieden Inn.

Now I walk down along the road.

This gallery was constructed recently to protect the road against falling stones.

Wechsel and Semmering in the background.