Hohe Wand 30.11.2011

Once more dense ground and high fog over Winzendorf, after a sunny and mild weekend. In the morning a short walk from Dreistetten on Hohe Wand to Herrgottschnitzerhaus.

Dreistetten is in dense fog (temperature: -2C), also a big part of my route. Only shortly before the steep parts of the Drobilsteig, the sun breaks through the mist.

After the steep ("ferrata") parts of the route I look over the mist.

Only a short walk with light ascent through light forest ...

 ... to the view point near Herrgottschintzerhaus - the so called "Wandeck" ("wall corner"). Rather warm up here (approximately +6C!)

The mist seems a bit disturbed today.

High, but rather dense clouds are drawing in, casting distinct shadows on the sea of clouds.

Some wind now makes up for "waves" in the sea of clouds (Despite, the mist stays insistant for the rest of the day).

Zooming in over the "cloud waves" to the radio antenna near the Rosalia chapel, the highest summit of the Rosalia mountains.

Bucklige Welt, far right the Wechsel region.

Half way on the descent on the "normal route" (the fog is a bit deeper now) the view to the North over the Pisting valley ...

 ... and to the West to Unterberg. The ski slopes are still completely devoid of snow.