Hohe Wand 17.11.2011

A huge high air pressur zone is covering large areas of Europe (a so called "Omega - High"). At this season, this means: mist over Winzendorf, sunny mountains. At last I can get a free morning, so I drive up Hohe Wand.

The fog does not reach very high up today, so I see the first rays of sunshine even at the foothills of Hoher Wand.

Still some fog here however ...

 ... but the rocks of Hohe Wand are visible already.

View along Hohe Wand in southwestern direction ...

and to the north.

A view up to the West.

Skywalk at the edge of the rock wall, far left.

Hoarfrost on the grasses, ...

 ... bushes and trees.

A short drive up the road, and you get a free view over the sea of clouds to the mountains of the Semmering and Wechsel region ...

 ... and in direction of Vienna.

I drive further to Waldeggerhaus (1.000 m), where you get a fine view to the mountains at the opposite direction of the rock walls. Far left Schneeberg.

Far right Unterberg, far left is Oetscher.

Zooming in on Oetscher, according to a signpost at an air line distance of 61 km.

Duerre Wand left of Oetscher

Schneeberg and Duerre Wand.

View to the North

Miesenbach and Unterberg to the right in the distance.


I drive to the Postl inn; on the way a small grassland inmidst the forest.

My next aim is the Skywalk, where I get a breathtaking view over the sea of clouds. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

I now decide for a short walk from the Postl inn on the plateau of Hohe Wand.

Hoarfroast ...,

 ...  in shady places.

I walk to the grassland that is used by paragrliders as a starting area. Today, I am completely alone here.

View back to the Skywalk.

Autumnal yellow larches.

Walking a short while through the forest and returning back to the Postl.

Once more a view to the Skywalk, this time from the opposite side.

A last drive brings me to the road to Herrgottschnitzerhaus that branches off the main road when it just reaches the plateau. On the way, I have a short stroll on the grassland and find this beautiful larches.

Here is "the end" of Hohe Wand, here it escarps steeply, but without rock walls to the Piesting valley.

Near Herrgottschnitzerhaus

View over the huge sae of mist - down there under the mist somewhere is the city of Vienna.

A last stop near Kohlroeserlhaus- I donīt walk the "Felsenpfad" (rock path) today - itīs too late now. I have to return down into the darkness.