Hohe Wand 1.2.2011

 Dense high fog is covering Winzendorf and the rest of Vienna´s plain. It reaches up to more than 1.000 m above the sun is shining.

The situation of yesterday afternoon: a picture of the webcam at the Hochschneeberg hotel, run by Stone-Rich, the friendly company that provides me internet connection, showed, that even Hohe Wand was inside the fog. Moreover, it shows a Brocken - Spektre, which is the faint color ring at the rim of the shadow in the centre of the picture. It is built by the different diffraction of the light along the edge of the mountain, depicting on the smooth white of the fog like on a silver screen.

Today in the morning, the webcom shows the uppermost parts of Hohe Wand out of the mist. So I decide to drive up to Kleine Kanzel and try a walk from there.

The sun  is shining up there.

Hoarfrost on the trees. Hoping that it should be warmer here than in the valley, is not fulfilling. My car thermometer showed - 8,5 °C.

The fog is creeping to distant heights; so Eicherthuette still is inside the fog.

Shortly behind, however, the forest is in the sun.

Near the summit station of the demounted cable car. Still near the fog here. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

I am waiting here for a few minutes, and look: the fog is drawing back a little bit, and between the trees, ...

 ... Schneeberg is making an appearance, by and by.

I continue my walk to Plackles, with 1.132 m the highest point on Hohe Wand.

The fog is a bit deeper now.

Looking over to Schneeberg from Plackles. Far above the mist, at least.

Panoramic picture of Schneeberg, as seen from Plackles. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg ...

... zooming in.

Back at the parking space. The fog is a bit more down now.