Hohe Wand 31.5.2010

On the last day of their stay in Austria, Roger und Ann Hiley from the English Lake District want to see Hohe Wand and the Skywalk. So, we drive up Hohe Wand - till Gasthof Postl.

En route we stop at the hairpin bends between the escarpments and enjoy the view.

Maiersdorf and Hochwechsel in the background.

Roger near Skywalk, at the top of the escarpments

Skywalk abuts far outside into the air "the sky"

Ann and Roger

The view goes afar till Lake Neusiedel, which can be seen faintly as a narrow silver band in the dust of the horizon.

View to the south, along the wall.

We walk a small bit along the escarpments till Gasthof Almfrieden, which however is closed today.

View from near Almfrieden over Stollhof and the Prosset gorge to the Rosalia mountains.

See Rogerīs more detailed report of this day at http://www.loweswatercam.co.uk/Austria_06.htm