Hohe Wand 3.12.2009

Dense fog ist hanging over Winzendorf. However, a short view on www.Schneeberg.tv quickly makes clear, that the sun is shining soon above. Having to do a bit in Dreistetten, I try my luck up there.

Dreistetten too is inside the mist, but you see that the sun isnīt too far.

It has become cold recently, and first hoarfrost is on the grass.

A glimpse of blue sky on the upper left of this picture.

I walk up Hohe Wand through the forest. Half way the sun is reached, ...

 ... shining between the trees only in a few places.

The Drobil - route leads through this narrow gully ...

 ... and is much simplified by ladders.

Immediately after the upper edge of the last picture, there is this view down to the left.

Hoarfrost in shady places, but rapidly molten in the sun.

View in northern direction. Beneath the clouds far right in the distance is the city of Vienna.

Reached the view place at Herrgottschnitzerhaus: View over the southern Viennaīs plain to the Rosalia mountains.

Rosalia mountains zooming in.

Panoramic view from Herrgottschnitzerhaus over Viennaīs plain. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


A last view over the mist ...

 ... and I have to descend. I only have 1 1/2 hours spare time for this walk.