Hohe Wand 4.3.2009

Today, the sunis shining, with 10 C. So I a drive to Dreistetten, where I start up a walk on Hohe Wand. First I walk to Herrgottschnitzerhaus, from there along the escarpments to Kohlroeserlhaus, back afterwards along the road.

Only small amounts of snow in Dreistetten, but shortly above a closed carpet of snow is beginning. View up to my goal, Hohe Wand.

Ruin Starhemberg

Hazel catkins are braving this Februarys cold temperature and start to blossom.

Shortly before the foot of the moutain.

Up now through the forest.

Here the steep path is leading into a bigger, but flat gravel road. A huge snow drift is blocking the way.

Further up through the snow covered forest.

A first glimpse to the cross near Herrgottschnitzerhaus.

Here you see the depth of the snow, despite several days of warmer temperatures.

The other nech is free, however.

More forest walking

The deeply snow covered plateau

View over "Neue Welt" from one of the view points.Stollhof in front, then Gaaden with the Prosset gorge behind.

Steep escarpments near Kohlroeserlhaus.

180 degree panoramic view from near Kohlroeserlhaus. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

I walk back along the road. Here the plateau is ...

... really flat.

Back near Dreistetten.