Hohe Wand 20.1.2008

Morning walk on Hohe Wand. I start from Maiersdorf up the route called "Straßenbahnersteig" up to Hochkogelhaus. The path being rather slippery due to wet leaves, I decide to return not via one of the steep routes, but along the asphalt road, which I leave at the big curve on the foot of the escarpments.

Behind Maiersdorf large grasslands up to the foot of the escarpments.

View in northeastern direction

View back over the grassland, over "Neue Welt" to Prosset - gorge.

View to the Wechsel mountains

View from Hochkogelhaus: Maiersdorf and "Neue Welt", Fischauer mountains, then behind the southern Vienna´s plain. The light bar close to the horizon is lake Neusiedel in a distance of about 50 km air line.

The southern - hungarian - part of the lake with Hungary behind.


I am walking along the escarpments heading for Postl´s inn ...

 ... and the Skywalk.


100 metres above the forests you can enjoy an airy view (provided you don´t suffer acrophobia)

Wechsel mountains in the background

View in northern direction, on the horizon the Small Carpates on slowakian territory.

Near Almfrieden´s inn: A bit of sun on the wind turbines near Parndorf, Small carpates behind, with Bratislawa in front (not to be seen), in a distance of about 80 km.

Now walking down along the road.

Back on the big grassland. The sun comes out now.