Hohe Wand 25.9.2007

A short morning trip on Hohe Wand with Manfred, who is staying in Austria for a few days. From the parking ground near Kleine Kanzel we walk to Wilhelm Eichert lodge, then on the highest point of Hohe Wand, Plackles, and back.

In this altitude, there seem to have been night frost before, so the beech leaves take colour already.

Walking through the forest now.

A small clearance...

Now we are quite close to Eichert lodge.

Near the lodge, the Plateau suddenly escarps for several hundred metres. View from the edge to the Wechsel region.

From a rock near Eichert lodge called "Große Kanzel" there is a nice outlook to Schneeberg

Exect three weeks ago there was an extreme three days´ raining period, after which there was about one metre of new snow on Schneeberg. Now only the drifts and some gullies are left.

The plains are quite dusty today - view over to the Wechsel region, the prominence before it is Gösing.

View to Bucklige Welt.

View down to Gruenbach, which is situated about 500 metres deeper.

Through the forest once more...

 ... with some nice prospects though.

Near Kleine Kanzel

The view in western direction shows approaching bad weather.

On the drive back we make a short detour to Waldeggerhaus to enjoy the view. Schneeberg still well visible.

View down the "back side" of Hohe Wand to Miesenbach/Scheuchenstein: just steep wooden slopes, no vertical walls.