Hochschwab crossing 23. to 25.6 2005

Together with Franz Koerner and my sister Heidi we cross the Hochschwab massive from East to West:

First day: After work drive to Aflenz and further to the parking ground near Schwabenbartl inn. Ascent to Voisthaler Huette (1.670 m)

Seond day: Through the valley heading for Hochschwab summit, then steep ascent to the right to Schiestlhaus and Hochschwab summit (2.277 m). Rauchtalsattel, further under Hochwart (2.210 m) and over mountain grassland, at least through lots of mountain pines and snow filled gullies to Haeuselalm. Sackwiesenalm and the gorgeous Sackwiesen tarn to Sonnschienhuette (1.540 m)

From Sonnschienhuette over mountain pastures up and down to Androthalm, further over Androthtoerl (saddle), near Brandstein (2.003 m) to thr ruined Fobisalm. Finally, we walk alongside the valley  to Leopoldsteiner lake. 6 hours walk.