Hernstein und Lindabrunn 9.5.2016

Some 30 years ago, I last time saw a three-toothed orchid. Thanks to the exact description of the "Botanischer Wanderer" (Facebook), I found a place near my home!

On a steep grassland near Hernstein (which, due to its steepness, apparantly is not manured and mowed only rarely) together with Herwig Gießwein, I find numerous exemplars of the three-toothed orchid (Neotinea tridentata)

In between, a few small exemplars ot the military orchid (Orchis militaris)

This three-toothed orchid is a bit darker than the others.

In between a meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)

A large group of three-toothed orchids.

We drive over to the large grassland above Lindabrunn. Here, numerous military orchids are growing.

Purple viperīs grass (Scorzonera purpurea) - sorry, didnīt find a good English description!

Sheep in a fenced area. They are used to keep the bushes from growing over.

Purple viperīs grass (Scorzonera purpurea)

Garland flowers (Daphne cneorum)

Near the forest, a small area with Purple Gromwells (Aegonychon purpurocaeruleum)

Military orchid (Orchis militaris) ... with its seed head from last year.

 ... and with a visitor.

Cushion spurges (Euphorbia epithymoides) are growing a bit lower here.

As ever, Lucy waits patiently while I make pictures

But it may be a bit boring ... she has to yawn then.