Hernstein, Symposium Lindabrunn 12.4.2022


A drive to Berndorf and to the Kral Verlag, the publisher of my book about Die Hohe Wand und Umgebung, where I may have a look at the printed, but not yet bound pages of the book, and I am allowed to take them home. Only three more weeks, and I can hold the book in my hands.

Being near around, I take a short walk around the cemetery of Hernstein and to the Symposium of Lindabrunn afterwards.

Vineyard - grape hyacinths in a grassland.

Beneath the bushes between the grassland areas there are Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) in flower ...

 ... and a few cowslips (Primula veris)

View to Schneeberg.

At the opposite side of the little valley - inside the grass some Common primroses (Primula vulgaris)

View to Schneeberg.

Nice overview of the village of Hernstein and Schneeberg.

In the area of the Symposium of Lindabrunn. At the time, thousands of small pasque flowers (Pulsatilla pratensis). Regrettably, due to long dry periods in early spring, they are onyl rather low this year.

Small pasque flowers (Pulsatilla pratensis) with visitor.

Small pasque flowers (Pulsatilla pratensis) with visitor.

Small pasque flowers (Pulsatilla pratensis).