Evening Light 15./18.11.2005

The mist of last Schneeberg walk has dissolved, but it is much colder now. During the night between 16. and 17. 11. snow has fallen till an altitude of near 1.000 m. The smooth, calm and stable autumn weather has given room to windy, rapidly changing weather however with some sunny spells.

14.11. afternoon on the childrenīs playing ground in Winzendorf. Still the weather is calm and bright.

18.11.2005: Driving home from Wiener Neustadt I am fascinated by the colourful evening light. Glad to have my camera with me.View from near Weikersdorf to Winzendorf and Hohe Wand.

View to Wechsel from the same place.

Panorama (270 degrees from south via west and north to east). Click into the picture for a larger version.

Viewing to Winzendorf with the abandoned limestone quarry and Prosset gorge, Hohe Wand behind.

Zoom on Winzendorf

The parish church of Weikersdorf

A small beck near the road was able to fascinate me...

Much new snow on Schneeberg.

Walking on Fadensteig as done a few days before now could be much more laborious and dangerous ...

View in eastern direction to Rosalia ridge

A snow shower is coming in via Bad Fischau herein. Time to come home.