Autumnal Impressionen Oberwart/Winzendorf 14. + 15.10.2011

About a week ago, the temperature fell about 20 C. A new snow cap on Schneeberg. Today, I take my camera to Oberwart and take some pictures on my bike ride home.

ALthough the sun is shining, it is rather cold with maximum 5 C, with a strong backwind.

Many orn fields cropped already.

Above Willersdorf my route leads me through forest.

Back on the fields, between Schoenherrn und Goetzendorf.

Here are still some uncropped ...

 ... corn fields.

Winter - green manure - not yet flowrishing, as opposed to the much warmer Winzendorf (see below)

The wind is near gale like up here, and it is much colder - maximum 5 C. Uncomfortable region, despite the bright sunlight.

Last sunshine on this hill, ...

 ... on the road down here the sun has disappeared behind the mountain. Good luck I am nearly finished with my ride to the car, whioch is parked in Goetzendorf.

15.10.: in the morning a short ride with the mountain - Bike around Winzendorf.

Schneeberg is nearly free of clouds - as opposed to yesterday ...

 ... and the green manure oil seed rape is flowrishing down here.

Corn fields

In the foreground the fish pond between St. Aegyden/Urschendorf and Doerfles.

Fischau Mountains with the grassland called Blosser Berg ...

 ... Hohe Wand.