Autumnal Impressions 21.10.2010

Last night it rained, with snow on already on the smaller summits. Now the wind tears apart the clouds and the sun comes out. When I have to change tyres on my car, I find myself in Neue Welt with a shower on Hohen Wand, ...

 ... making up for a faint rainbow.

I leave my car as soon as possible and go for a little walk. View to Mitterberg

Schneeberg should be visible in the background - but not today, of course.

Hohe Wand

Horse´s pasture, but no horses out today.

The rainbows starts getting more intense.

Panoramic view of the rainbow (stitched with ICE from 5 high-format - HDR - pictures)

The shower passes by ...

 ... and Hohe Wand is back int sunlight.

I have to drive to Saubersdorf now, but I take a little detour via Weikersdorf, knowing about this green manure-oilseed field near Winzendorf, ...

 ... lit by the sunlight.


Winzendorf and the big limestone quarry.

View to the Wechsel region


Between Weikersdorf and Saubersdorf I take another stop.

The dam of first Vienna´s hig-well-water supply

A bit of snow on the mountains.

Hohe Wand in the background.

Heading for Winzendorf

Snowy "Gelaend" behind Kienberg

Hohe Wand.