Heiligenbrunn 23. + 24.9. 2011

A weekend at the Uhudler Sturm - fiest in Heiligenbrunn in Southern Burgenland

I did not find the the actual meaning of "Sturm" in a dictionary. In this context it means a wine that is on the way of fermenting from the grape juice, so it still contains sugar, but also aready alcohol and carbon dioxide 8the latter from fermentation), a mixture that can show different states, depending on its age, with alcohol contents from near zero up to the full content of wine, 11 or 12 percent alcohol. Due to its sugar content, it is kind of "alcopops" that is drunken easily (and you too are drunken easily!). So, better stay a night or two and donīt use your car.

On our arrival day, a Friday, I start for a short mountain bike ride to the surroundings of Heiligenbrunn

Pretty plants, still flourishing, but I have no idea about its name.

The first houses of Reinersdorf in the backdrop.

Reinersdorf, the church

24.9.: In the early morning a short photo excursion to a fishing pond near Heiligenbrunn.

However, it is cloudy, but the clouds with an interesting pattern.

After sunrise, but the sun isnīt shining.

The morning scenery is beutiful, however.

At the Uhudler - feast. The short street of Heiligenbrunn turns into one big feast area.

Fun for the kids too.

The Uhudler - grapes are imported from America, a wild sort of grapes resistant to the vine fretter that usually is grafted with other, "better" sorts of grapes. This procedure was not performed by the poor farmers in this region, who produced vine only for their own consumption. For some decades, this vine was prohibited because it was said to contain methanole, buit this could be ruled out later on. During the time of ripe grapes, you can walk through a vineyard with closed eyes and you easily guess that Uhudler grapes are ghrwoing there - due to the intense smell!

Straw covered small houses used for storage of the vine.

Lots of people overall enjoying the bright day.

Nowadays, the Uhudler vine is a local speciality and sold in nearly all variants you can imagine: vine, sparkling vine, Schnaps, liqueur and even as grape jam (excellent!).

More of the small houses

Schnaps in all variants

Wood carving products

A band is playing ...

The average BMI is rather high in this region ...

 ... due to a special diet!

Late afternoon, a short excursion with the mountain bike to the nearby fields.

Green manure plants ...

 ... flourishing before the winter.

View to the hills behind Heiligenbrunn ...

 ... and to its vine yards.


A short way from here, I bump into pumpkin fields. Pumpkins in files for the pumpkin crop machine.

This field still is in its original state.

On my way back I pass the fishing pond, where I find a decent evening scenery.

Trees in the last evening light.