Heiligenbrunn 18.9.2010

An enjoyment and recreational weekend with friends in southern Burgenland, with only one striking disadvantage: it is raining nearly all time. But, we spend our time with talking, eating and splashing in the hotel indoor pool, so it isnīs that bad. On Saturday, a short walk before the rain through the traditional cellar street of Heiligenbrunn.

Small and very small huts, partly originally straw covered, where self-drawn wines are sold in small scale.

Many are decorated with vine.

The traditional construction is timber framing filled with clay, which is mixed with straw, fettled with white chalk.

Of course, some of the houses are built in a more modern style.

Everywhere, the traditional Uhudler - vine is drawn, several kinds of non-grafted vine (drawn directla from the seeds) with an unbelievably fruity taste.