Hausstein 28.1.2015

Cloudless sky in the morning. A short view to tells me: lots of mist on high summits. No use driving to Puchberg. SDo, I decide to drive as far as the sun is shining, and think about the Grünbach saddle. Indeed, it is still sunny there, so there I start my short morning walk.

Today´s route

Last nigth it has snowed here, whereas Winzendorf got rain. Although there isn´t much snow, huge cornices have built up. I parked my card on a layby of the road.

The way is full up with snow, but I prefer to walk up the grassland anyway.

Schneeberg summit constantly wrapped in clouds.

A wonderful grassy hill with a few trees shortly above the Grünbach saddle.

Pfenningbach, Puchberg and Schneeberg.

Dürre Wand wrapped in clouds too.

Many branches beneath the trees, a result of last December´s massive ice rain.

Small pond above Grünbach saddle

View to the south from there, facing the Gutenmann mountains.

I saw many fallen trees today.

View to the east with the Rosalia mountains.

Panoramic view - Rosalia mountains, Gösing and the Gutenmann mountains with the Himberg far right, Schneeberg behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Huge cornices on the way leading along the grassland.

In the forest to the left, I see something yellow in the snow. A quick removal of the snow, and flowrishing primroses are revealed - seemingly a result of the extremely mild temperatures of up to 18 °C two weeks ago.

A short leg upwards through the forest there is a grassland with a prominent rock named Hausstein.

Lots of fallen wood collected ...

The grassland and Hausstein.

Clouds on Schneeberg are constant.

Only the hotel and the St. Elisabeth church are out of the mist from time to time.

A short way up along the grass.

A stunning perspective: The top of Hausstein and Schneeberg.

The church is free now for a few moments.

I have to admit: I don´t fancy to walk further now. I don´t have enough time for a good rest near the hut at the summit of the G´länd, and there is a cold breeze up here which will not be better up there. So I turn back here.

Instead of the summit, I branch off for a short leg of the forest road heading for the Ascher saddle, to walk then down the grass.

During the winter, you may walk over the grassland and pastures without the farmers protesting. The Pfenning beck has its wells somewhere around here.

Pfenning beck with the homonymous hamlet a bit more down.

Beneath the road there is a large reed area which I decide to have a close up view of.

Seems to be a snow shower in Losenheim.

But Dürre Wand is free now.

On the drive back, I have a stop at Höflein, to enjoy the view to Hohe Wand, with the slopes up to Zweiberg to the right.

I take the short detour via Zweiersdorf and Maiersdorf. View to Hohe Wand from the "Neue Welt" ...

 ... and the view to Schneeberg - with Zweiersdorf in the foreground...

 ... Mitterberg from the same view point.