Hailstorm over Winzendorf 27.6.2008

Yesterday I was in Salzburg to hear my son Peter in his public final examinations - concert for Violoncello Performance at the music university Salzburg "Mozarteum" (he was playing excellent and got the best grades possible). On the drive home in the evening I met many thunderstorms, at times the heaven opened and it was pouring stair rods.

When I was not at home, a thunderstorm with two big hail showers came over Winzendorf in the late evening. This morning I looked at my garden, and this is the sad result:

Swiss chard


Tomato plants ...

 ... have suffered severely.

Turnip cabbage

Die Jostaberries rackabones

Half of the crop is on the ground.

Angel´s trumpet should have begun to flower just now - mind the many grooves in the bole to the right

Rose petals and amelanchier berries

The Vine covered arbour

Vine crop will be small this year ...

Did this plant have blossoms before?

This container has been empty before.