Grünbach - above the mist 23.10.2013

Dense ground fog over Winzendorf causes me to look at the webcam - showing that the mist does not reach high up. So I drive the road to Puchberg, only having 2 1/2 hours, a big walk does not fit in.

Between Höflein and Grünbach the fog comes to its end. AT first, I branch off in Grünbach to the narrow road to Oberhöflein up the hill near Neusiedl am Walde.

Kienberg and Zweiberg are out of the mist - would have been an option for today ...

Hohe Wand.

Schneeberg seen from here.

Changing place to Grünbacher Sattel. Puchberg is covered by a thin layer of mist.

The mist over Puchberg will not stay for long.

I alk along the hill behind the Grünbach´ saddle heading for Grünbach.

View down to the southern Vienna´s plain, over the sea of clouds.

Rosalia mountains in the distance, out of the mist too.

The view to Gutenmann - the small hamlet "Am Obersberg"

Here I turn back, because the rest of the route leads through forest.

Back at the Grünbach´ saddle: the fog has dissolved, apart from a few rests ...

 ... which however produce some lovely light effects.

Panoramic view from above Grünbach´ saddle: Pfenningwiese and Puchberg, Schneeberg in behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

On the way back, a short detour on the route between Grünbach and Unterhöflein - this is the end of the mist.

Back to Grünbach ans once more branched off to Oberhöflein. On the same place as in the morning, there is mist now - the mist often lifts a bit due the sun warming the slopes above causing a gentle thermal.

Arcuated light effect in the mist - with the sun in behind me.

Hohe Wand

Once mor the arcuated light.

Short stop on the further drive ...

 ... before I completely dip into the mist.

I choose another route for the drive back making possible a short detour to Hohe Wand.

Due to road construction the road is closed from time to time, for maximally 30 minutes. So, I park the car under the gallery and walk up the hairpin bends. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Viewing over the sea of clouds, from the uppermost hairpin bend of the road up Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A few metres above ...

 ... a wayside shrine ...

 ... and a bench to rest.

My time is up, I have to drive home now.