Grössenberg near Puchberg 22.11.2017

After several days of bad weather (with new snow on Schneeberg), nice weather is forecast. With Hans-Jürgen Pietsch (and Lucy) I walk from Puchberg/Unternberg up the forest roads to Grössenberg.

Instead of sunny weather, we are facing high clouds, but the visibility over to Schneeberg isn´t impaired.

Arrived in the new snow after about 200 m of ascent.

Further up, on the ridge, there are views to Hohe Wand ...

 ... and Dürre Wand.

Lucy runs with us bravely, even in ankle-deep snow.

Near the summit now.

After walking the ridge with the summit, we walk down on the western part of the slope, which is not as steep there and gives us a wonderful view to Schneeberg on this clearing, ...

 ... from the Hengst till Kuhschneeberg - wherelse do you get such a view?

Lucy, the Schneeberg dog.


Schneeberg and (far right) the Faden saddle.