Grössenberg 5.2.2011

Today, it is Saturday, and since Thursday, the temperature rose nearly 20 °C. Tuesday, I experienced -8 °C on Hohe Wand, Wednesday, I was fascinated of hoarfrost, Thursday there still was a closed cover of snow and -6 °C in the morning, but today, a foen storm with +12 °C is blowing over the land, with bright sunshine and afew characteristic, lens shaped clouds. So I start for a walk, warm clothed due to the wind, from the outskirts of Winzendorfs through vineyards firstly heading for Fischau, then passing by the dwarf - iris grassland (of course, nothing is flowrishing there) and upwards to the summit of Groessenberg, this time coming from the opposite side, then proceeding to the marble quarry and back top the car.

Near the forest above the lily grassland is a protected place, where I can put up my tripod without having it blown off by the wind. A panoramic view of the southern Vienna´s plain, with Semmering far right, then Wechsel, Bucklige Welt to the left and far left Rosalia mountains. Click herer or into the picture for a larger version.

View to Wechsel and Semmering, Winzendorf in the foreground.

At the view point to "Neue Welt" it is so stormy, that I can forget putting up the tripod for a panorama. But, I hunker down at a large rock, put the camera on the rock and make those three 3 HDR - exposures out of a sheltered positon. The lovely valley of "Neue Welt", as well as Vienna´s plain seen in the picture above, are completely devoid of any snow. Only little snow on Schneeberg, but it definitively does not look very white.

View to Wiener Neustadt, with the Leitha mountains in behind.

Winzendorf with Semmering and Wechsel. The sun has now hidden behind the clouds.