Groessenberg and Dreistetten 10.3.2009

Today it is mild, but windy with changing clouds. I drive till Muthmannsdorf and walk a big round from there: first up Groessenberg, then over the big fields near Finkenhaus, then up to Dreistetten, further to the foothills of Hohe Wand and then down back to Muthmannsdorf via Linzgraben.

View from near Teichmuehle to Schneeberg, today nearly permanently wrapped in clouds. The sun is shining only inthe plains east of the Alps, still rain or snow falling in the mountains.

Zooming in to with Zweiersdorf in the foreground.

View from Groessenberg summit to Schneeberg and the southwestern parts of Hohe Wand with Maiersdorf and Zweiersdorf.

Dreistetten with ruin Starhemberg

Panoramic view from Groessenberg summit: far left Wechsel/Semmering, then Kienberg, Krumbachstein, Schneeberg, Hohe Wand, Muthmannsdorf, far right Dreistetten. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in to Schneeberg with Hengst left before, Hohe Wand to the right. Far left the slopes of Krumbachstein.

Walking further through the forest ...

 ... to the fields near Finkenhaus, a disused inn seen on the summit in the background.

Hazel katkins ...

 ... are glaring ...

 ... in the sunshine.

View over the fields to Hohe Wand. Now I am heading in that direction, following the outskirts of the forest to the right.

After having crossed the forest of the picture before, I am approaching Dreistetten from an unusual side.

Hazel with katkins.

Wayside shrine near the gravel road ...

 ... and Dreistetten is close.

A field near the village.

Behind and above Dreistetten. From here I descend through the forest far right down to Muthmannsdorf. Far right in the backdrop also Groessenberg.

Well on a pasture. First primroses in blossom where there has been snow only a week ago.

Still some residual snow drift in some places.

Gorgeous primroses inside the forest near Muthmannsdorf.