Groessenberg 7.2.2008

Originally, I wanted to start at 8 a.m. today to get for a longer walk. However, at 5 minutes before 8, a sleet shower darkened the sky with nearly horizontal blown sleets and heavy wind.

At 9 a.m. everything is over and the sky bright, so I start for a walk from the outskirts of Winzendorf.

At first I walk to the marble quarry, with a good view to Winzendorf ...

..., ...

 ... the Wechsel massif with Hochwechsel (1.743 m), ...

 ... and - once more - to Weikersdorf.

The disused marble quarry with a view to Bad Fischau/Brunn and Wiener Neustadt.

Above the quarry a stunning viewpoint, by locals called "Neue Welt view".

A glimpse to ruin Starhemberg, with Dreistetten in front.

Stollhof and Hohe Wand

Maiersdorf and Hohe Wand

Now again walking through the forest: flourishing hazelnut...

Here today´s sleet shower seems to have been more intense.

A beech with droughty leaves

On the summit of Groessenberg ...

 ... a bench inviting for a rest. Today, however, a sharp cool breeze prevents me from sitting down here.

Sheila is waiting till I have finished my pictures.

From the summit a view over Neue Welt to Schneeberg.

Muthmannsdorf (left) and Dreistetten (right, in the background), to the left on the horizon is Hoher Mandling (967 m)

Back to the foothills of the ridge, view over Winzendorf to Semmering, the skiing slopes far right with artificial snow making them shine in white.

Vineyards on the foothills of Fischauer Berge, with Groessenberg in the centre, where I have been just before.

Hazel flowers everywhere ...

 ... drifting in the wind. It is rather difficult ...

 ... to catch one for a close up.