Groessenberg 16.6.2007

Today the weather is sunny, with a bit of wind, but rather hot nevertheless. I walk from my home over fields till Brunn. After a short detour to Prosset beck for rehydrating my dog Sheila, I walk up Fischauer mountains to Groessenberg, and via the marble quarry back to Winzendorf, about 3 hours walking.

Impressions of corn ...

 ... of different kind ...

 ... and different ripeness.

Cornflowers near the field.

A fallow with green manure.

This time with poppies, ...

 ... and camomile.

Sheila is raving over thew fields and has lots of fun.

All previous pictures show the Fischauer mountains in the background.

Larkspur near the field.

First Vienna´s water conduit receiving some of its water from Schneeberg.

To my surprise, I find some exemplars of adriatic lizard orchids (hirmantoglossum adriaticum) on the dam

A bench is inviting to relax a bit, ...

 ... but Sheila doesn´t need it. She really burns up

Lady´s bedstraw (Galium verum) on the dam.

The grapevines already have been growing much this year.

 ... and new grapes are discernable.

View in southern direction to Bucklige Welt

Near the road St. John´s wort (Hypericum perforatum), in full blossom. It  should flourish, according to its name, at St. John´s day ((26th of June). Everything is early in this year, after an extremely warm winter and spring.

View to southwest, over Winzendorf to the Semmering mountains with Wechsel and the prominent Sonnwendstein far right.

Sheila gets increasingly flabby, so I go a bit down with her to Prosset beck. There she disappears and is not seen for 10 minutes. This time is used to have a short look to the nearby grassland.

"Christ eye´s  - Inula (Inula oculus-christi), a plant locally growing on pannonical half - dry grassland

Through the forest my path now leads me up to Groessenberg. Although Sheila has drunken a lot, she is still a bit burnt up and flabby.

Panoramic view from Groessenberg to Hohe Wand. Click into the image for a larger version.

Zooming in to Dreistetten, with ruin Starhemberg behind.

View from the marble quarry to Winzendorf and Hochwechsel, far right Semmering with Sonnwendstein.

Grassland and fields are drawing a pretty pattern. Rosaliengebirge in the backdrop.

Wiener Neustadt and Leithagebirge in northeastern direction.