3.11.2017: A walk above San Agustin.

Iīm fed up of lazing around. The girls prefer the beech, but I start for a three hourīs  walk with Lucy, above San Agustin.

Having left the watered gardens of houses and hotels and crossed the highway, there is no more green paradise.

Only a few dry-resistant cactuses.

Remains of old irrigation canals from a time, when the barrancas (= gorges) contained water all year, which could be used for watering the fields. In the meantime, water has become more and more rare, and the small amunts available are collected above and led down for watering the gardens and golf courses. Here, there is only desert.

Accordingly, most houses are ruins here.

In former days, the separated areas were fields. Today, nothing grows here, at least not after a long and dry summer.

The view to Maspalomas.

I walk to the upper end of the Barranca del toro.

Volcanic rocks are heavily fissured, the caves come from lava solidified on the surface but run out beneath.

Panoramic picture of the gorge Barranco del toro. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Cactuses are dominating the picture, ...

 ... some of them with ripe fruits.

A hoopoe - not shy, lets me walk rather close.

A bit cloudy today, but it doesnīt rain.

Lots of barbaries.

Very sporadic some flowrishing trees - inmidst the desert.

Apart from these, nearly exclusively cactuses, ...

 ... which seem to encrease in number.

A bit more vegetation even in flat valleys ...

A farm, depicted in the map with "Quesos la Gloria". Seems to be the reason, where ther is an underbridge beneath the highway which I could make use of.

A few grasses in the valley.

The clouds donīt bring rain.

A bit more vegetation a bit down near the highway. An old water. Maybe, this areas was still watered a few years or decades ago.