2.11.2017: A day at the house and an evening at the beach.

A lazy day for me on the bed beneath the pal trees enjoying doing nothing  but reading - not so bad being out all day at agreeable temperatures - at early November!

High cirrus clouds make for this halo around the sun.

In contrast to Austria, this doesn´t mean rain for the coming days - just a slight bit more clouds.

We decide to go for dinner in the same restaurant as yesterday at Playa ingles - Lucy was welcome there. The girls prefer to go to the beach, but I decide to stay home, beneath the palm trees. In the evening, I walk down to the beach and along the beach promenade to the Playa Ingles. A few kilometres walk are welcome after the lazy day.

Once more the near full moon in the sky.

View forward to the Playa Ingles and the dunes.

The well-maintained beach promenade is running a bit higher up here.

View back to San Agustin.

Last sunlight on San Agustin.

Playa Ingles - nearly there; only the descent to the shops and restaurants. I arrive there dead on time with the others, who were driving.