1.11.2017: The dunes of Maspalomas.

Lazy morning at the house, in the afternoon, we drive over to Playa del Ingles - the eastern beach of Maspalomas with its huge dunes.

We didnīt find the drive down to the beach, so we park a bit up in the town and walk down the staircase. To the left, a huge row of restaurants, bars and shops, but to the right there are the dunes for several kilometres around the peninsula. The golf area must keep distance, fortunately.

We look for a place a bit behind the beach, where the beach police with their all-terrain-vehicles would fine and usher us out. Unbelievable, how dog-unfriendly the people are here.

Sparse dune vegetation.

Huge sand beach.

And the industrial zone of Maspalomas in behind: human material is nested and interleaved by the tourism industry.

I start for an extended dune walk.

The sand is consigned by the wind into huge dunes, nearly like the Sahara, which has delivered part of the sand (by strong eastern winds).

Dune valleys

The sea in behind.

You are collecting lots of ascent metres here all the time.

Distant mountains, where we walked yesterday.

Deep holes in between the dunes.

On the bottom of the holes still some dune plants.

Hotels of Maspalomas.

In the meantime, Iīve wandered quite far to the south, all the time keeping a safety distance to the eastern beach.

Nobody would address me due to Lucy here.

A lonesome walker ...

 ... thankfully takes some pictures of me with Lucy.

Shadow lengths are increasing now towards the end of the day ...

 ... wonderfully modelling the ribbles made by the wind

Luy has problems with her long hairs in the wind.

Shadow in the dune valley.

Walking back now, a bit nearer, but still not close to the beach.

Lucy is delivered to the others, and I have a look for the beach in evening light, ...


 ... and enjoy ...

 ... the waves.

At sunset, we take our gear ...

 ... and walk back to the car, ...


 ... not without taking a delightful dinner in one of the restaurants.