30.10.2017: Fahrt an die Südwestküste und Sonnenuntergang am Strand von Meloneras.

We take our rented car for a drive along the steep and picturesque southwestern coast. However, looking for a lonesome beach wasn´t successful. So we drive to Meloneras beach late afternoon, where we hope to be allowed to stay with the dog.

Via Puerto Rico and Taurito we have reached Puerto de Mogan, where we get out and walk a bit to the harbour and the town.

Puerto Mogan is situated at the entrance of the Mogan gorge, the original village of Mogan is more than 6 km afar into the land.


This is the newly town, built into the port basin with low-rise buildings in traditional style.

Lots of bougainvilleas.

We take a rest with an ice cream in one of the cafe´s.

Besides the town, there also is a small beach.

Beautiful arches between the houses.

Late afternoon, we arrive at the Meloneras beach, where we spend the rest of the day. In between, we have to hide Lucy beneath towels when policemen arrived to fine car drivers parkig at the reverse loop.

Besides the beach, the coast is charcterized by large rocks, despite the land only smoothly dropping into the sea.

Meditating the waves.

The sun is deep already. Days are short here too end October.

Now waiting for the sunset.