29.10.2017: Relaxing day in the garden and at the pool.

Today, we relax from the strain of the journey and stay at the house and at the pool.

It is a terraced house - we are accomodated in the ground floor and thus have access to the garden, and being at the end of the row, we have a much larger garden area ...

...than the other houses.

A huge colony of more than hundred houses, partly sold are permanently rented to special persons - mainly well-heeled German pensioners.

A pool also is included, however with a dog-ban. Also at the beaches and in many (if not most) of the restaurants, dogs are not accepted - the question now is, why we took Lucy with us ...

Short walk within the huge serial house colony.

I climbed a rubble heap besides the facility - a very small remainder of what the island is alike elsewhere, where it isn´t covered with ugly houses, sealed with streets, roads and highways or (in the small gaps) revegetated using desalted sea water. The large building in front to the left is an infirmary - not so bad an idea given the umpteen-thousands of European pensioners spending here the winter or even the whole year.

Huge hotels between lots of small houses.

The dunes of Maspalomas in the distance.

360 degree - panoramic picture of San Agustin near Maspalomas. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Everything´s growing and flowrishing in the parks around the hotels.