My kitchen garden 31.7.2012

Due to wet and warm weather during most of July, everything has grown exuberantly

The tomatoes have been frosted this year in May, but did regrow.

The crop is late, however.

Green beans had to be re-seeded at the end of May, but never before ...

 ... I had such a huge crop.

Aubergines and  bell pepper also survived the frost

Onions will be ready soon..

Carrots ...

 ... and field garlic.

Mangel is already good for the third pluck this year.

Courgettes are growing continuously, although after completely frozen first plants, I only put some seeds into the earth at end of May.

Pumpkin plants are leaving the bed ...

 ... and climbing the nearby tomatoes.

A strange variant which was growing by their its own on the composter and replanted here. Maybe a decorative gourd.