Geländ 2.1.2022

Beautiful round walk up the G´länd, from the Grünbach saddle, passing the Hausstein up to the Geländ hut, further to the Rastkreuz saddle and along the slopes down to Grünbach back to the Grünbach saddle.

A short leg behind the Grünbach saddle the first wonderful view to Schneeberg.

A bit up now.

Hausstein, a rock formation put inmidst the landscape; it is formed by harder rock (dolomite), so within millions of years it was modelized out by erosion.

Onde more from a bit afar.

More up and approaching the summit - view down to Grünbach.


Wonderful view to Schneeberg from the summit of the Geländ.

The Geländ hut is not operated at this time of the year.

Many walkers take a rest up here, so it was easy to find some who makes a portrait of our small group: The two dogs Bella and Lucy, the Author of these pages with daughters Angelika and Renate and son-in law Karl.

Hohe Wand and Grünbach.

View from the Geländ to Grünbach. Hohe Wand to the left with the Plackles, Rosalia mountains in the background. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The view to the opposite side goes to the Miesenbach valley, with Hohe Mandling behind. In fromt of it the rocks o the Balber stones.

On the walk back along the grassland on the foothills of the Geländ. A layer of high clouds has arrived.