My Garden on April 20th, 2017

It was forcast to get cold again, but nobody would have suspected this to happen.

First look outside...

Aquilegia shortly before flowrishing

Clematis shortly before flowrishing

My high beds. Salads still alive ...

 ... as well as the tomatoes (I have to admit that I put them out much too early).

Everything will depend on the coming night: if clouds clear away, it will be very frosty, and I have to replant the tomatoes.

Not very inviting to sit outside ...

Oleander can stand a bit coldness.

Vine. Two leaves out - shall I treat them today?

The plum flowers are withered already.

Apple trees ...

 ... in flower.

Front garden

22.4.2017. Nothing left of the snow. First snow-free gaps appeared in the afternoon, the following night wasn´t frosty despite the forecast. (Paricot tree and whalenut tree are unscathed)), Tomatoes and vne would have survived without my help:

Now 14 °C and wind - nothing left. Mowed the lawn today.

I leave the hay around the tomatoes for a further few days ...

 ... as well as the foil around the vine.

However, I got pictures (via facebook and mail) there are different reports from other areas (not far from here, but higher situated)

Gutenstein 60 cm (Picture: Karin Strommer)

Triestingtal 60 cm (Picture: Gerd "Botanicus")

Schneebergdörfl (Puchberg, Picture: Hans-Jürgen Pietsch)

Suppose there too the white stuff will not stay for long, especially as it has started to rain now (at least - according to the prognosis - beneath 600-900 m). In parts of Styria however, they had proclaimed avalanche warning dgree 5 (the highest degree). More than 1 metre of snow had been fallen there.