Flowers in my Garden 16.5.2015

Some different kind of work in the garden today. The sun is shining, the temperature is at a comfortable 20 C.

The flower bed in front of our house is blooming in different colors ...

 ... as well as that one behind the house.

Yellow Asphodel (Asphodeline lutea), a mediterranean plant that can stand heavy frost.

Different colors of Aquilegia. Several years ago, a got a few plant from a freindly neighbour, and continued seeding it directly to the bed or in plant pots. They can be grown up extremely easy and have beautiful flowers after about 2 years, but have to be reseeded regularly, because the plants only live for about 2 years. The result is like a study in heredity.

High garden garlic ...

 ... and red peonies.

Garlic and aquilegia

The first flowers of California poppies, which seeds itself now for the second time and in the meantime covers a rather large area in the bed in front of the winter garden.

This flower is running free in our garden: Lucy, our 14 weeks old Papillon.