Spring Flowers 18.4.2013

It has become warm at last - only three weeks after the last snow the temperature today rises up to 24 °C, with bright sunshine.In the morning, I take the mountain bike for a short ride to the "lily grassland" near Bad Fischau Brunn.


Indeed - the first flowers are out despite the weather being so cold for such a long time. Only single flowers as yet, not the big abundance which will take another warm days.

pink ...

Only a very few bigger groups like this one in the warmest places on the southern slope.

Iris pumila

A single belated pasque flower in between.

Berg - Steinkraut (Alyssum montanum)

An early, tiny blossom of the  Cypress spurge (Euphorbia Cyparissias)

Sand - Fingerkraut (Potentilla arenaria, Potentilla incana)

Large areas with blooming Sand - Fingerkraut ...

 ... sometimes pretty arranged in crevices.

I ride further in direction Bad Fischau/Brunn - shortly before the outskirts of the village I know a place where pheasants eye (Adonis vernalis) is growing.

Back, at the dam of the water conduit, a beautiful St Lucie cherry (Prunus mahaleb)

An finally, the inevitable picture of Schneeberg - an extra kilometer heading to Saubersdorf was necessary for this one.

But there´s more to be seen at the roadside: Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna).