Spring in Oberwart and Winzendorf, 29.3./1.4.2006

At least it got warm again. A short afternoon walk at the outskirts of Oberwart and a sunny weekend day in Winzendorf.

29.3.2006: A short walk on late afternoon, from the Oberwart hospital (to the right) along the outskirts.

View to the north - Wechsel

Winter seed has has well endured the frost ...

View over Oberwart: direction Bernstein ...

 ... and direction Guenser mountains with Geschriebenstein

Once more a view to Hochwechsel ...

 ... and to Oberwart

On the drive home an 30.3.2006 Schneeberg presents in a peculiar sallow light.

Two days later, 1.4. morning: a slight foen situation makes visibility unbelieveably clear today.

The strong thaw of the last days made the central parts of Breite Ries (= the big snow field beneath the northern summit of Schneeberg) partially snow-free.

Schneeberg is even well visible from Wiener Neustadt (in the front a train of Suedbahn)

Late afternoon: a wonderful light makes me walk through my garden. In a few days spring flowers have sprouted.

Christmas roses

Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)

Snow drops

Flourishing yellow Cornel (Cornus mas)

"Josta" - berries (a hybrid between gooseberries and  black currant) are thriving.

Pre - easterly decorated corkscrew - hazel

However, I much more like nature´s decoration