Spring in Tauchen valley 21.4.2005

Yesterday it rained all day - so a bicycle tour was impossible. Today it is bright and clear, but cold and windy, in the morning about 0 C. At noon I can use my break to savour nature a little bit. I have a 30 minutes walk in Tauchen valley near the road to Bernstein.

Near Bad Tatzmannsdorf: View to Hochwechsel, covered with new snow

Trees are flourishing now

Tauchen beck at noon. The water is brown due to yesterday´s heavy rain.

Butterbur amidst lots of  stinging-nettles. In summer it would be impossible to walk here

The forest´s gound is blotched with young green ...

at boggy places admixed with king cups.

Near the street are large areas with wood anemones

Yellow wood anemone with its second blossom not yet open

Once more kingcups.

On the way back: View to snow covered Hochwechsel with Mariasdorf in foreground. The church was built in 1400

Blooming  fruit trees near Mariasdorf

now with maximal Zoom to Hochwechsel.