Föhrenwald 31.5.2019

An afternoon mountain bike ride, crossing the fields to St. Egyden/Neusiedl, then ro the model aircraft club, down to the road and through and along the pine forest till beneath Weikersdorf, back home along the  Frauen beck.

I´ve seen this field on several drives along the road, today I give it a closer inspection.

Lacy phacelia, blue tansy, purple tansy (Phacelia tanacetifolia - in German it is also called "bee friend")

This a white albino.

Indeed, many bees are buzzing around.

After a long ride through the pine forest, I come to its ends and get a fine view above the fields to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

The grain is grown up in the fields, despite the cold May.

The sun is out for a short while.

View to the Fischau mountains.

The markings are for a long distance horse race organized by my  network engineer.

Wechsel and Sonnwendstein.

Chamomile in abundance in this fallow ground.

Schneeberg summit wrapped in clouds - after weeks of rainy weather.