Fischau Mountains, Neue Welt 16.5.2021

Bicycle ride from Winzendorf over the "Kürassier", to flower meadows and fields , and back through the "Neue Welt"

From the road over the "Kürassier", a narrow private road branches of to the former "Finkenhaus". There, inside the steep forest, aqre two flat grassland areas. The first, smaller one is botanically interesting, bercause now the green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio) grows - in quite an abundance.

The garden star-of-Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) ...

 ... in abundance too.

Blue bugle (Ajuga reptans) near the forest ...

 ... together with meadow sage (Salvia pratensis) 

A rarity of the pannonian flora, Purple viper´s grass (Podospermum purpureum, Scorzonera purpurea)

Colour variants of the green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio).

Green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio)

Green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio)

More garden star-of-Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) ...

Another pannonian rarity is the pannonian peavine (Lathyrus pannonicus)

Meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)

Meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)

And once more Green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio)

The second, larger grassland area is botanically completely uninteresting, it seems to be manured frequently. With all its landscape beauty, only buttercups and grasses are growing here - a cattle food plantation.

Ramson in the forest.

The further ride and way back leads through the "Neue Welt", here with Muthmannsdorf´s church, ...

 ... shown in a larger panoramic picture. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A beautifully flowering garden at home.